Jun 9, 2015

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Observations of Field work: Broom Making Community

  -By Krunal Dave

The day started of with an introductory lecture from chetan sir in which we were
enlightened about the honeybee network, the innovative Meghalaya bridge formed of
the roots. Meanwhile, honorable professor Anil Gupta conducted an brainstorming
session with us in which our brains stretched to the extent of the realization as to “how
the localites thought of making such an innovative bridge”. The answer is “kuch naya
karna hai” followed by the traditional problems of constructing a bridge.
Prof.Anil gupta’s lecture
Key Notes
Sequential theory
Optimal scarcity
Game theory
COASE theorem
Product life cycle
As he told ‘don’t think only for individual solutions’, the point out from this is we
should always think widely rather to put our mind in limitations seems like think
out of box.
Types of goods
1. Private
2. Common
3. Toll
4. Club
5. Public
a).pure public goods. e.g. sunlight(non-substarctable)
b).quasi public goods. e.g. roads
Mehta Sir and Kate ma’am gave us a task. We had a mind storming session in which we
had to write the keywords about the whole field visit. In the next step we had to
systematically arrange the keywords in a proper category. Then in the next step we had
to create a web by categorising and grouping of the keywords. It is like to create interlink
among the keywords like education, Food etc. Purpose of this exercise is to find out main
reason of the problem and one problem is connected to another. It was an interesting
exercise as we have to work in groups and write on sticky notes.
Overall day was interesting. We have learnt a lots of things from Prof. Anil gupta,
kate ma’am and Mehta sir. We had a nice dinner then we worked on our assignment.


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