Jun 9, 2015

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Observations from Field Visits: Potter’s Community

-By  Prajal Goyal

12.jpI looked at problems and solutions the children suggested from the field trip. These solutions included the mechanical tapping machines for shaping pots to reduce back pains as suggested by Shubh. Another was the multi level sieve filtration suggested by Shireen and Priyansh told a new method to make earthen pots by inflating air balloon inside a round chamber filled with soil.

There was one observation from the field visit that I find of importance was that they are not doing hard work without understanding the reason behind the things. When we asked questions to them as to why they used such soil or anything, they had proper reasons for it. Another observation was that know how to live happy in such situations and are not miserable and helpless because of the situation.

123Some of the problems I need to review properly to look for the solutions are mentioned below. No use of the small broken pieces of the earthen pots is a serious issue as it generates a lot of unwanted waste. Wrong or uncomfortable posture of the worker working on porter’s wheel leading to back pains due to continuous long hours working sitting at a place. Reason behind the red colour of the pots need to be reviewed. A device can be designed for the purification of clay. This will require learning of every part of the purification process.

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