Jun 9, 2015

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Observations at Field: Vendor’s Place

-By Gaurav Raja


Vendors! Workplace!  Problems

The last 3 days have been full of works, experience and followed by a field visit .I went to 3 darwazza and Hollywood slums and I have identified some of the problem that is ignored by majority of us but need a solution .Solution not to make a market but to help these people who need this but they are not access to it.

Anyway my presentation today in front of team SRISTI mainly focussed on three problems and they were-

1. Proper workplace for the vendors.b2

2. Throughout day they stand and sell their accessories and have lot of physical   strain .

3. Can we come up with something called a multifunctional cart and that too be affordable by them .So that will reduce their drudgery.


Hence lot of stress were put on that how we can make a sustainable solution without hampering their workforce.


By prof. Anil Gupta –yes you can work on the multifunctional sitting cart where they can sell their accessories and sit and need not to stand but if you go and ask there can be a foldable chair that will also reduce their strain.

So go and have another field visit and review and ask them closely. What is their response.


Implementation of the plan on paper:

 b1  b3

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