Jun 12, 2014

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Form, function and feature…..

Day 5: June 12

Last day was a complete success in spite of the hot and burning climate of Ahmedabad. The sun doesn’t seems to show any pity on us but still we perform our jobs to the level best. Here it was ,, another day full of works, reports and discussions. Discussions which seemed to be boring and to me consuming were now a chance to explore, indulge and express into a new world that the Bullet Santi had given to us.

The most precious thing about the day was Design Thinking Workshop held at ACPC lab. Our mentors were Adhish and his partner Kaushik. The term Design Thinking seemed to be complex at the beginning but as the seminar continued it simplified and somewhat changed my perspective towards various objects in our surrounding. It opened a new world of Entrepreneurship and Designing. We all got Wrist Watch as a product to study, on which we had to do market research and also take customer feedbacks,, so we headed towards the streets of Ahmedabad and found ourselves lucky to have such an responsive audience. Finally, we presented our results to Yash sir who guided us with our doubts and also taught us the right way of presenting a product into market.

It was a completely different experience because being an engineering student, such seminars rarely happen. The whole proceedings were excellent and will hopefully prove worthy for our project.

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