Jun 7, 2015

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Group 3: Juhapura

The day started off with an insight look towards sristi that how the organization was started and how does it work in different areas of preservation, information and innovation.
Shodhyatras and innovation workshops and the previous year sristi innovation and prototypes and the sugarcane machine attachment innovation was presented before us.

The curved metal flap for the machine and that wooden barrier to allow selected allowance of cane was an inspiring innovation to boost us up.

Lecture by Chetan sir and Prof. A.K.Gupta were inspiring as well as they tried to trigger up all the aspects that we need to think of before searching for the solution of all the social problems.

From economy to culture, from old idea preservation to new boon-up innovation, he made us understand all.
Following the theme of Sristi summer innovation school 2015, the push he gave to think about the ideas keeping in mind all the favorable and important aspects related or linked to the problem.

The session continued with the presentation facilitated lecture by Kate Bisett Johnson, Swinburne University of Technology who told us about the different designing ideas as well as the aspects and factors related to it. The session was proceeded further by a small activity where we were asked to draw geographical drawing of the field we visited and a presentation was to be given explaining about whatever we witnessed at that particular place and to discuss about things that those native people have invented themselves to facilitate their living.
All the groups gave presentation on their field visit with the drawing that they made and they explained everything elaborately.

Prof.Sushank,NID turned up with the ideas of an effective design of the prototype and we had a detailed discussion for how to proceed towards prototyping and designing and professor helped us map all the problems in a creative manner. We interlinked all the problems and cross linked all the drudgeries.

The day was full of idea forming, problem stating, and problem defining and product design analysis.


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