Jun 23, 2014

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Handling issue of the” Bullet Santi” is a major issue, so we all decided to deal with it first. We decided to remove its conventional handling which was quite a target there. We removed the handle bar quite easily. The old suspension system was not working and as per our new idea there was no need of it. Faculty of  LJ College suggested us to build the front section of Santi like a bicycle. Will it improve the handling??This question was running through my mind. But first we needed to remove the old suspension. It was totally jammed, everyone tried so hard to remove it, but it was not coming off. After an hour of hard work, hammering and cutting my teammates were able to remove that. Then we began to think about different solutions for handling problem, many theories were discussed and discarded. The faculty also advised us to see the mechanism used in “Atul Shakti” auto. At the end we finalized that we will put the mechanism of “Atul Shakti” auto in the “Bullet Santi”. How efficiently will it work on field? Still a mystery!


DSC_0380[1]      DSC_0383[1]

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