Jun 15, 2014

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Ideas are more powerful than guns….

Day 8: Jun 15

We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas. With this expression marked the beginning of a new innovative day. The day started with lecture of Mr. K L Gupta, a PhD student at IIM A. He gave us a lecture on “Intellectual Property”. The data and the description provided by him was really interesting. Issues taking place in various brands were also brought to light. Soon the lecture was over and we’ll had our lunch and then sat back on work.

This time a new task was provided to me, when all others were busy opening accounts on various social networking websites, I was assigned to edit a video of our first field trip. It was the first time I was using any video editing software,, so I had curiosity in mind about how all will react after seeing my first film named “Bullet Santi Field Trip To Amrapur” . But my efforts succeeded,, the film was great and everyone liked it.

For the evening we had another plan,, there was a lecture on “ Feeling, Knowing And Doing “ by Prof Anil K Gupta, IIM-A. This session was one of the best session of my life ever since. Many aspects of our life which we leave unknowingly were enlightened by him. Then we’ll gave a brief reporting to Gupta sir and Hiranmay sir about our future plans. After all this going on was the time when rats of our stomach started running. Chetan sir and my colleagues had dinner in the canteen and then we left for our hostels.

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