Jun 15, 2014

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Ideas and Patents….

Day started with lecture of Mr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta. He gave us a lecture on “Intellectual Property”. The description provided by him was really interesting. He gave us brief explanation about IPR, patents, trade secrets and many more. He enlightened us with many aspects of various acts regarding to IPR and Patents and different registration like trademarks, designs, company names and copyright acts. He explained few examples regarding to such things. At the end it was great to have him with us as he shared so many interesting things.


DSC07601                                DSC07614

After that Adhish Sir gave me  a task to collect all the videos available on “Bullet Santi” and create a channel on YouTube and upload them on it.

 At the evening we went to take an lecture on “ Feeling, Knowing And Doing “ by Prof Anil K Gupta, IIM-A. This session was one of the best session of my life ever since. Many aspects of our life which we leave unknowingly were enlightened by him.

After that we gave a report to Gupta sir and Hiranmay sir about our future plans and our theories and ideas which we were going to deploy on “Bullet Santi”. Chetan sir and my colleagues had dinner in the canteen and discussed few thongs and had a nice chit chat and left……….

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