Jun 22, 2015

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Increasing Efficiency while purifying clay in making pots

Prajal Goyal, IIT Delhi

The project involved understanding the process of making pots by small manufacturers and the problems they face in the whole process. Observations at the field were made to understand the process of making pots, people involved in the process and the supply of pots to the market. Analysing the whole process of pottery in detail, problems were mapped and two major problems were narrowed down. One is the problem of injuries during the purification of clay and other is the excessive pollution caused during baking of the pots in the kiln. Since,  there has been no significant variation in the methods used for purifying soil from years and this is process is dangerous as well as Untitledtime consuming, this problem was chosen to further work on.

After understanding the problems, some probable solutions to these would be manually operated mixer, shoes with nails and electric mixer (see fig a-b).








A container or drum shaped device can be designed with cutters inside to mix soil and water. Another solution could be shoes with nails at the bottom to solve the purpose. These solutions would remove the possibilities of injuries and/or make the process faster.

These solutions were shown to the users for their feedback on our designs. Manually operated mixer required much effort and space as said by them. Some of them had already tried this solution and found not suitable for working. The problem with shoes was that the shoes would get stuck in the mud making the task even more difficult. Electrically operated mixers are already there in the market but not used by small households there because money and space is an issue.Untitled


Problem Statement by Summer School Participants-


Problems faced by Potter’s Community

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