Jun 10, 2014

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Day 01, 10 June 2014:
The day started and we already had a lot of stuff to read. After the breakfast, I along with my team members read the material given to me. It made a lot of doubts clear in my mind about Bullet Santi. I understood the working of various parts of a vehicle which otherwise I had thought I would never try learning. All the team members had a discussion about the project which made thinking on it even more interesting. The time passed and soon it was 2 pm. We had a meeting scheduled with Prof. Anil Gupta. We reached wing -11. Students and professors from different colleges of Ahmedabad were also present in the meeting. Prof. Gupta opened our minds towards the vast topic “innovation” .He explained the various types of innovation. We also discussed the possible changes that could be incorporated in Bullet Santi to as to improve its performance. Detailed case study about Bullet Santi was presented.
Later, at around 9 pm we got the opportunity to meet Mr. Hiranmay Mahanta. Sitting in the lawn ,feeling the breeze and discussing the project we all felt good.
The day actually cleared my mind about what actually I was supposed to do during the summer school. After the meeting we headed towards our rooms, completed the work and slept.

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