May 31, 2016

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INPUT – 100% engineering parameters : OUTPUT – 100% quality product

Lecture By Kodarbhai Patel

His lecture started with the introduction of Auto-CAD and engineering drawing. He told that Auto-CAD can be used for 2D modelling and 3 D modelling which can be used to get picture before prototyping. He then asked about the field visit experience. Then he shared about designing from 0- 10 factors.He told that the concept of the design should be decided first because the concept is the most important part of the design. Concept should be prior decided and then they should work on specific model. He took an example of automobile car and bike for making his point clear. He started talking about designing. 1) Primary design(Free hand sketching) : It includes Work(100 % work should be done),feasibility and the material value required (readymade or new design) He told about designing shaft using bearing its calculation and other aspect. He told that while designing clearance should be sone. 2) After designing and before prototyping BOM (Bill of material) should be made. He told about the intergartion of different product in house production.Testing includes: Power consumption test Efficiency test Drop test Fire test Water test We should think on what test should be done after prototyping during its fabrication. Engineering parameter should all be included into design to have perfect prototype. He also told that design can be done using theme.
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 Comments from Kodar Patel Sir  :


  • problem facing – breaking and removing the outer coat
  • after hitting the coat removing becomes easier
  • need 2 rollers + spikes + cracking
  • define the nail size
  • draw concept drawing
  • some vibration can also be applied
  • variable nail size


GROUP 2  and 3  :

  • to check for different types of fruit, its size and shape
  • need a collector in the device
  • dimensions of fruit (2-2.5 inch diameter, 2.5 inch= height,)
  • clutching device
  • make 2 versions that can be rotating or reciprocating
  • for making juice the outer portion has to be cut out  (6mm)
  • big thorns on the outer layer have to be cut out  tp remove the peel
  • one can  by taking out the out through a small hole
  • another problem is that while peeling a lot pulp goes waste by using the conventional method
  • can use conventional method – PVC pipe


  • slips from hand, and hurts
  • should replicate the hand movements or the curve that the hands make while beating the broom on the machine
  • should first decide the concept of the machine
  • the machine can work in 2 ways –
  • broom stationary and nail rotating
  • nails rotating and broom stationary
  • also consider the quality of the brooms made out with both the techiniques
  • so can use legs for  rotation
  • there can be 2 versions
  • 1st version – single link
    –  manually  operated
  • 2nd version – double link
  • the machine should have 60-70 rpm
  • can use 3:1 gear
  • using mechanism of chain sprocket bicycle


  • Building the guider of the seed, so that it doesnot shifts from the position while inside the seed dribbler
  • Fitting a shock absorber
  • A small side pipe to be put up
  • Ratchet mechanism
  • 3 main features
    – Variable height of the PVC pipe
    – Use of guider for the seed
    – Seed extractor
  • Cost around Rs. 3000


  • conventional chinese technique – a plate that can be brought down through the hinges connected with the rod
  • hydraulic pressure can be applied to puch up the top plate
  • pressure pump capacity has to be 0.5 to 1 HP
  • appreciated  the ” back and fro ” plate idea ( up and down) that is attached to the rod
  • the pressure on the rod can be transfered to the shoulder  or waist
  • use of shock absorber
  • machine should be height adjustable

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