Jun 10, 2015

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Interactions with the Labourers

-By Priya Singh, Gaurav Raja.

The journey through the children workshop followed by the summer school led us the strong foundation and elimination of pre- assumptions we had before, to forming of groups according to the areas of interest for a revised field visit in search of knowledge and hidden problems if any.


Problems identified:

 1. Design of the transportation cart.

2. Garbage outlet infront of vegetable carts

3. Dust(summer) and water leakage(rainy) around the area

4. Increasing funtionality of the carts

5. Cost effectiveness based on the monetary plans already used.


Feedback from experts:

 1. Looking at and Mapping of oppurtunities from the problems identified.

2. Connecting of different opportunities for multi functionality.

3. How to do it in a clear core.

Apart from the visual observations we had, we also got some other insightful observations from the conversations we had with the people we made during the visit.

First we met a middle aged lady who told us about the surrounding areas, facilities like sanitation, drinking water etc. She also quoted to us,

Beta, tum village se aae ho, yeh Ahmedabad city hai.a

Rahis Khan Ji- “Yahan koi sample nahi hain, jo bechenge wahi khilayenge.” He told us the following things:

1. Most of the vendors in that area come from far away places around 7-                                 10 kms. They come at 4 am and close by 7.30 pm in the  evening.                                               2. Storage and display of fruits is difficult during the rainy season                                             3. For lunch, they get it packed from homes or nearby                                                                     hotels.




Mohammed, a vendor in the same area told us – “Yahan zyada mazaa hain.

He also told us that the containers were brought taken from the AEC before and AMC now,which were the electric meter boxes. Dilip, a youngster told us that,there is no use of mechanised things.


We also met a mobile street vendor, Horilal ji, whose cart was very organised according to his purpose and had himself done the set up.

He didn’t serve any spoon to his customers. And if asked gave a paper piece to serve as spoon. The food served was super delicious!To note that, the permanent setup vendors, shouted at him to drive him off from infront of thier stalls.


Another vendor, when i sat nearby his stall said-“Bhaitne ka, bolne ka nahi.

Conversation with the women, Nimi (age:24), Vimu (35); helped us get the overall picture of the market space there. The problems they face is of no fixed place, dust, cleaning and rental issues for reduced profit. They say, per day raw material input is of 1000 rupees, selling of 1400-1500 rupees, 200 rupees including rental costs, transprotations, policeman, cleaning. So, the overall profit per day is 200-300 rupees per family.

Thier thoughts:

Nimi, “ My mom, My friend.”

Shajid bhai ( owner of nearby mandi) says, “ You can only run your pen and take back notes, these kids out here can run their brains and take back more money than you.” He was here highlighting the difference in mindset of educated nad uneducated people.

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