Jun 20, 2014

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Challenge : DESIGN

To design a new efficient working plough has always been a challenge. Owning a tractor and some farming tools helped me in understanding the situation better. I had keenly observed the conventional ploughs used for “Tractor” and “Bullet Santi” therefore I came up with a design of a plough which is basically a compact version of a tractor’s plough. In the field visit to Amreli I had seen a similar type of plough which I had in mind but it had a few shortcomings as it was mechanically week.

One of the main advantages of this plough is that it will provide stability to “Bullet Santi” and will not break easily as it will have many ploughing arms attached with springs to the frames. So, on applying very high load initially, the spring will get stretched and if it crosses its limit, the spring will get bailed out of the plough preventing damage to plough and the farmer can put it back. As the frame is quite heavy so the farmer doesn’t have to put an additional weight…


DSC_0268[1]       DSC_0271[1]


A few photographs of Tractor’s plough

IMG-20140616-WA0005    IMG-20140616-WA0002      IMG-20140616-WA0006     IMG-20140616-WA0003

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