Jun 9, 2015

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Junavadaj Kabir Tekri

Junavadaj Kabir Tekri, Near Gandhi Ashram (afternoon visit)

This site we visited with a different set of children. We had to go to Naroda, but due to time constraint, we decided to visit this place. While searching for broom makers, we came across this potter community. We saw the entire process of making hand pottery right from mixing mud to colouring and drying the pots. The whole process is done manually. The bending posture of women while colouring struck me, it is a 90 deg bend which can cause extreme back strain. When I asked, they said they are habituated to the pain now. The lifting, colouring and then stacking for drying is awkward and has the potential to be mechanised. This entire process can be studied as part of the summer school and some of the process like bending posture can be mechanised to reduce drudgery. Since one of the groups went to Makrba potter community using a machine, that can be looked as a solution.(see fig a, b)

unnamed (2)


(a) Colouring done manually

image (3)

Also they are able to make only 7-8 finished pots in one day. Saw dust is mixed with the mud initially for strength. The sack costs Rs 25.  The whole process is done by different members of the family right from breaking the mud pieces to colouring and drying in kiln. During the monsoons the work is reduced by 75%. Interestingly, the potter here has featured in various articles for making earthen pots for feeding birds.

Home for hundreds of pigeons

We came across this person Ajay in the slum of Juna vadaj housing hundreds of pigeons on his roof top. He takes care of them and the expenses are borne from his own pocket.

We asked him how the pigeons are saved during the kite festival. He explained how he clips the feathers of birds to prevent them from flying high and hence saving them from getting strangulated and dying.

image (4)unnamed (1)unnamed


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