Jun 10, 2014

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Day 01

Another day in Ahmedabad, one of the fastest growing city of India. And also the one of the best to live in. But its very hot for sure. The day started with the usual reading and learning, but this time it was all about the “Bullet Santi” as its the topic for “Summer School 2014”. As I was finding the summer the program boring, todays schedule made me excited about it. Because it is invented by a farmer named Mansukhbhai Jagani  in 1994 who didn’t had any kind of engineering knowledge.

4th Model of Bullet Santi

I spent the whole day surfing on internet looking for videos and other study material on various parts of “Bullet Santi” like differential, gearbox, engine, brakes etc. The material provided by Hiranmay Sir and Our hard working Co- ordinator Adhish Patel helped me alot.

At the evening all participants of the Summer School went to wing 11 of IIM Ahmedabad to hear out Dr. Anil K. Gupta. Where he gave us insights of the process of innovative and design thinking. And also made us clear about the objective of the Summer School as it is organised to present an optimized version of “Bullet Santi”. Prof. Gupta also showed us a 3- dimensional model of innovation which proved to be very helpful.

3-Dimensional Model of Innovation

3-Dimensional Model of Innovation

After that he also explained the problems being faced by the farmers of Kenya as “SRISTI” is taking the “Bullet Santi” to Kenya. So, that we can come up with the solutions of those problems too. We all had some tea and then Hiranmay Sir gave us more briefings about the project.

A presentation by Mr. Chintam was also given to the interns. He explained the various parameters of Santi and its distribution to various parts of the India.

After that we all left the wing 11 and wandered in the campus for some time clicked some photographs.

Vikram Sarabhai Library

Vikram Sarabhai Library


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