Jun 14, 2014

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knowledge,ideas and fun…

Day 5, June 14’14 :

I reached “sristi” at 9 am.All the team members had a discussion at the office about various features of bullet-santi, necessary changes for its improved performance,various systems that could be incorporated for its better functioning etc.Mr. Chetan Patel guided us throughout this discussion.Students delivered their ideas for changes based upon the field trip to Grambharti on 13th june 2014.Ideas such as introduction of steering using ideal gear,implementation of double reduction technique,use of hydraulic system etc were presented.The team then saw bullet-santi and analysed each and every part of it.
The next topic of concern was to list out the important questions that could be asked from farmers and fabricators separately.Everybody delivered their different opinions.I suggested to focus on ergonomic factors as well apart from the technical problems with bullet-santi.I also suggested to jot down the expectations of the farmer from the vehicle.This could provide a direction for the team members to work so as to improve bullet-santi.
According to me fabricators could tell the parts that were damaged more frequently and hence those could be worked upon.
After this discussion I visited the blog page of summer school 2014,”summerschool.sristi.org” and I was asked to suggest changes on the site.I visited various existing blog sites.Then,I listed as many changes as I thought would be needed.
The day ended with a meeting with Mr. Hiranmay Mahanta at ACPC.
Overall,the day was interesting.I got a lot to learn.I look forward to more knowledge and management experience from this summer school…:)

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