Jun 12, 2014

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Learning new ways

After learning the technicalities of engine, differential, gear box and other mechanical parts there was a workshop on design thinking and innovation at ACPC conducted by Mr. Kaushik Akiwatkar, Mr. Adhish Patel and Mr. Yash Shah.

A problem of wrist watch was mapped out, on which a survey was done by us. The survey was on the needs of user, comprising the area surrounding ACPC. We were divided into teams and went to different directions. We were trying to understand the need of youth in a wrist watch. Why don’t they use wrist watch? What are the features and add-ons they require in a wrist watch? And many other questions were asked to the young generation.

We noted down their needs and debated over the possibility of enhancing a hypothetical company by the survey. This exercise was beneficial for us to gain knowledge about how to approach a problem. A survey takes us nearer to the user and hence acceptability of product increases.

We will be adopting the same approach to solve the issues on Santi. We will be doing a survey on farmers and fabricators, to know their needs.

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