Jun 22, 2014

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Life And Innovation….

Day 15: Jun 22

“Add life to years, rather than adding years to life” quoted by R A Mashelkar sir was reminded to me

after talking with Hiranmay sir today in his office. Some thoughts really change the perspective of

viewing our life. The day started late due to alarms malfunctioning. We had to rush to ACPC early

morning for a small workshop sort of thing arranged by Adhish and Kaushik sir. We were given

a chart paper and were asked to write about all the observations, challenges ,problems of Bullet

Santi and analysing them to find out all possible solutions to them. It was really a nice experience

writing down all the things which were going on in our minds from all these days, also we could

discover some new aspects of viewing this project. After everyone completed, Adhish and Kaushik sir

analysed our work and pointed our pros and cons.


One of the faculty of a local college were also invited to discuss various issues of Bullet Santi. He

also proposed some nice methods like using worm gears in handling which facilitates steering,

keeping away all the vibrations. He advised us to focus only on one topic at a time to avoid situation

of chaos. His guidance was much needed by the team.

Later in the evening, we had a nice discussion session with Hiranmay sir, he motivated all us for

working in the right direction and he also defined the correct definition of happiness. For some time,

this all led me to think differently towards everything’s what going around me, and I think such

discussions are essential in life’s for leading a better life.

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