Jun 1, 2016

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Load carrying: Design & insights from discussion

This was based on modifications on previous design. The one by Sachin Panchal.
Corrects the issues prevalent in last design.
⦁ The wheels do not disturb the laborer.
⦁ Waist grab-to distribute load equally on waist
⦁ Belt to tighten load around
⦁ Shoulder beams to distribute load back and front
⦁ Adjustable head height for different heighted people
⦁ Extrusions to make sure that the weight doesn’t fall down. For balance.
⦁ Too similar to the current design which is clearly not in use


  • This design has weight on the bottom. As the operators rolls on the side the load comes up easily using pulleys.

Can be operated single handedly
The worker doesn’t need to put much effort
Complicates the system
Theres no need to keep the load down when it ultimately had to come up,

Some Other Sketches:

Insights from the interaction

Design 1:

  • Pivot the joints of the load carrying part at different heights instead of making them rigid
  • Use of stoppers for controlled motion of levers
  • Appropriate spacing of levers to maintain the balance of load carrier
  • Use hollow 1 inch diameter pipes for making the frame
  • Use 25mm by 6mm rectangular pipes as stiffeners.

Design 2:

  • Use of spring below circular design for shock absorber.
  • Weight balancing order( specific order) for placing the brick.
  • Use of height adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Weight carrying equipment of ancient times was explained.
  • Use of waist adjustability principle.

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