Jun 18, 2014

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Man , Machine and Muscle….

Day 11: Jun 18


Wisely said by someone that “All days in life are not the same” and this day was completely different from others. The 1st love of a mechanical engineer is machines and that’s what we got to work on today. Unlike other days there were no report submissions and we went to SRISTI office where we had a discussion about our handling mechanism. This time we had another guy Pranjul with us and at the end of the discussion we arrived at the conclusion that our handling mechanism could not be employed in Bullet Santi because it would raise the height of steering wheel. So, we all decided to dismantle our bullet first and then check for the essential requirements of the model.

By noon, a tempo was arranged for carrying Bullet to LJ College. They had a well equipped workshop with all necessary tools and requirements. There we unloaded the bike and quickly started our job after having a short lunch break. The bike was old and all the parts had rusted or needed lubrication. It was really hard to open the screws initially, but then we managed to open all the screws of rear wheels. Further, we decided to remove the front wheel and we saw that the brake drum of the front wheel had completely rusted and also the brake pads were extremely thin due to regular application of brakes. Then we all had a debate about replacing the drum brakes by disc brakes, but it would have been very costly,so we dropped the plan. We found ourselves lucky that we had support and guidance of the faculties of the college.
They examined the bike, understood its problems and suggested some ways of improving it. After all this, we decided to check whether the engine needed some maintenance or not. So we drained the engine oil and found out that the filters and oil needed to be replaced. Everyone was tired by this time, no one had realized it but it was already time to close the workshop, so we decided to leave after preparing a list of items we’ll need to purchase for tomorrow’s work. With hopes that we would start our bullet tomorrow we all dispersed. lets see if santi starts by tomorrow …

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