May 30, 2016

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Mind mapping on seed dribbler


seed dibbler


seed dibbler

Seed Dribbler mind map discussions
We began the mind map by taking into consideration the main points like
⦁ Soil type
⦁ Seed type
⦁ Areas ,terrains
⦁ Methods
⦁ Safety and health issues
⦁ Material used for making the device
⦁ Fertilizers
1.Soil types:
We took into consideration that the soil could be sticky or dry
2.Seed types:
Based on different types of seed, the seed size, the seed spacing and seed depth keeps varying,
Which should be considered while designing the seed dribbler .Thus correct seed rate should be obtained while dribbling a particular seed type.
Prof. Anil Gupta suggested to use gears to control the seed rate.
3. Methods:
We thought of comparing the methods used before and that used presently in knowing the problems faced (failures) while dribbling and also understand the reason behind its success.This is also to compare the cost and know what the farmers can afford.
4.Safety and health issues:
To understand the problems faced when sowing of seeds is done manually
The dribbler can be used for multitasking by the farmer to ease the work. The dribbler can also be used to put fertilizers along with sowing of seeds(many suggestions were received for this consideration)
Making a comparison with the previously made prototypes we realised that the dribbler was quite heavy. Prof. Anil Gupta suggested us to make the dribbler with different materials to make it light and easy to carry. Also we had to consider the durability and portability of the material
7.Areas and terrains:
Crop type changes depending on areas and the terrain can be steep or flat
Some other points which were taken into consideration later were
⦁ Labour
⦁ Continuous or discontinuous process
⦁ Maintenance

To know the gender and age group of the labour who can use the dribbler,we need to consider the height of the dribbler,thus taking into consideration the adjustable length of the dribbler
Continuous and discontinuous process:
The dribbler can be used as continuous or discontinuous depending on type of seed
Materials which are easily available and easy to maintain should be considered and overall seed dribbler is easy to maintain
Previous prototype details:
There are many innovations in the field of seed dribbler and there are various flaws such as depth of the seed dribbler cannot be modified, seed spacing cannot be modified in old seed dribblers and main problem is regarding the weight of the machine and its transportation with no perfection in the seed sowing rate:-

seed dibbler 3seed dibbler 2







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