Jun 11, 2014

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National Innovation Foundation……….!ACPC……….!

Day 02

The day started with an unusual thing as, I didn’t had to rush somewhere, I stayed at my room with my roommates and started learning about various technical things which ere going to help me with the project. Priyash did helped me and others a lot. We saw many videos on YouTube of mechanical parts of an automobile and Priyash explained everything to all. Then Aman left to get something for breakfast, he brought us “Dokla” which I was tasting for the first time. I liked it very much so did others.

Then we left for IIM Ahmedabad to meet Hiranmay Sir and told him our confussions regarding to the “Bullet Santi”. He arranged us a meeting with Chairman, GIAN’s at NIF’s office.

Mr. Mahesh, Chairman, GIAN                   WP_20140611_008_2[1]


He explained us various things about the “Bullet Santi” and the problems they were facing on Kenya’s virgin land.Devak and Maheshbhai debated on various things. He also explained us benefits of 3 wheeler Santi over 4 wheeler. He showed us the latest 4 wheeler model of Santi fabricated by Mansukhbhai Jagani having a PTO too.

After the meeting ended we all headed straight to the ACPC at L D College of Engineering. There we sat and again started discussion over the “Bullet Santi” . Devak  gave lots of new ideas about Santi and dicussed how to standardize  and make the Santi more efficient in its work.

WP_20140611_009[2]                   WP_20140611_012[1]

The meeting ended late and we all were hungry and tired so, we left for dinner and came back to the rooms…. I submitted the daily report to the coordinator. And jumped into the bed………..!

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