Jun 23, 2014

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Need is the mother of innovation

Day 16: Jun 23

We all understood the actual meaning of this statement today in the workshop. When something has to happen, it just happens and we don’t even realize. We all had been thinking for a new improved handling mechanism for our model of Bullet Santi. So, in this context we had decided yesterday to open all the bolts and links of the handle to look for possible arrangements. We got late for workshop today and by the time we reached, Pranjal, Suyash, Aaqib and Yash had already detached the diesel tank from the bike chassis. We joined them in opening the handle and fork of bullet. It seemed to be attached with just a few bolts from outside but we realized that actually it was mounted on a short shaft fixed to the chassis of bike. Hammers, screw drivers, pliers, nothing worked on it. After repeated failed attempts, Pranjal and Suyash advised to fix the handle back to its position, but then I and  Aman arrived to the scene and convinced them to detach the handle any way by cutting it or using it any other way, because if it wasn’t cut from its place, we couldn’t have thought of anything different. So everyone agreed and after hours of sweat and hard work, finally the handle was detached. Everyone was delighted after our success.Later we found that the diesel tank was full of rusting, so we decided to replace it with a new one. This success charged up everyone and we started thinking about other possible ways of handling, the faculties of LJ college also helped us in fixing some things. They advised us to use mechanisms similar to the one in cycles and attach gear box to it. They also asked us to visit local market to see the mechanisms currently used in Atul Shakti. Finally by evening after all the research, we decided to finalize it.

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While returning from workshop, we were asked to visit SRISTI for meeting Chetan sir, he took a brief report on the proceedings and also asked for the details of Atul Shakti’s handling mechanism which we are going to employ in our Bullet. He displayed some problems of plough which we’re facing in Kenya and told us to work on that too. After meeting him, Adhish accompanied us to ACPC lab where all other team members were busy preparing reports.

I think that the step which I and Aman took for detaching the whole handle from bike was very crucial because we couldn’t have fixed it back once detached. But it also gave us the opportunity to bring a new mechanism to the scene and we learnt that some decisions taken knowingly or unknowingly influence our life greatly.

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