May 30, 2016

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Mind mapping on nut cracker

Problem Statement: To design efficient and cost effective mahua seed cracking device.
The points which we have incorporated into our new mind map keeping in mind suggestions from Professor Anil Gupta include:

⦁ The different methods of cracking the nut of mahuwa fruit
The methods are soaking,freezing the thaw, grinding ,punching, peeling,hammering,srcubing,acidification,spiking,French press,shaking,heat breaking,rolling.The traditional nut cracking technique is stone hammering used by the most convenient method.

⦁ Mechanism of each method and its efficiency.
The hammering method is currently the only method used to crack open the seed and then peeling the outer shell to get to the kernel.It requires aim and identifying the right pressure points on the seed.

⦁ The oil extraction methods
Basically the whole method is combination of processes like drying the kernel,grinding,steaming,crushing,squeezing and extracting the oil.The drying stage itself requires 2-3 days of time.

⦁ The safety measures
We have to ensure that there is no injury involved while operating the machine.The traditional method involves the risk of finger injury.

⦁ Cost Factor
The cost of the machine must be within the affordable range.So that the worker does not have any economic issues in buying the device.Also the repairing costs must be minimal.

⦁ By products
They include the fruit,the seed and the outer shell.The fruit is used to prepare delicacies and the outer shell is a waste product.And the kanjar is used as cattlefeed and manure.

⦁ Multiple applicatons
The three main processes of collection,grinding and crushing can be combined into one.This would not only save time but also help in efficiency with better yield. Refining the extracted oil to filter out the impurities and increase its purity can also be added.

⦁ User-friendliness
The machine must be user friendly for 20 and above age group. No sophistication should be involved in the machine parts. It should be compact and easily transportable.Material must be easily available and the easy to maintain.

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