Jun 22, 2014

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observations and conclusions till now……

Day 13th, 22nd June.

The day started with a new challenge for us. We woke up early in the morning and rushed to the office.

There we discussed about the topic “prior art search” which was earlier explained by Mr. Kalpesh Gupta. Our coordinator Adhish explained us the various patent search processes and we cleared all our doubts.

Then after this discussion we all were provided with a chart paper for design thinking. We were told to make four columns and classify them by writing observations challenges problems and solutions.


Beginning from the starting problems:-

  • I observed that most farmers prefer rope pulling method in 3 wheeler’s as well as mini tractors for starting purposes. They pull rope with their hands. Self-starting is also available in latest models.

Coming to the handling problems:-

  • Handling was tough as the front frame was quite heavy. Farmers felt vibrations as stationary engines were used for farming purposes.
  • While turning, a little bend towards right/left was required so as to maintain the balance. According to me, the distance between seat and handle was more.

Other components of bullet santi used for different purposes:-

  • The model, presently on which we are working is having its gear shift lever just below the seat.
  • The posture in which the farmer has to sit keeping his legs just below the handle may have ergonomic effects.
  • The latest model at Rathore workshop had a long vertical axle which increased the turning radius but the overall weight was reduced due to which it was easy to handle.
  • In some models, hydraulic system was not implemented and tools were uplifted manually but in latest models hydraulic has been introduced due to which depth can be controlled.

  Other applications:-

  • It was used for other agricultural processes as well as for transportation also. For transportation, a wooden plate was provided whose ratio was about 50:75 at the back which was also a reason behind increment in length.

I observed one more thing that the machine is used only for 2 or 3 kinds of crops i.e. hybrid cotton, BT cotton, groundnut.





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