Jun 9, 2015

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Observations at Field: Child Labour

-By Yash Goyal

On the basis of my presentation, I tried to convey that wherever I’ve been andwhatever the problems I observed, I’ve come across few of them to work on.

Since I saw the drudgeries faced by the people living in the slums, the no-education factor,the no-sanitation life and the workers working in the steel manufacturing occupation and those children who were roasting themselves in that hot and sooty environment or if I talk about those who work all day long to make hundreds of brooms, whatever I’ve seen and whatever I came across, I’ve come to this conclusion that I would like to work on the drudgeries faced by broom makers.

The whole process of broom making is tough, requires hardcore labour and all the miseries and injuries that comes with it are meant to be borne by them. I’ve started working on the same and I hope to get a solution out of it.


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