Jun 9, 2015

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Observations at Field: Gyaspur Slum

Our group left for a slum area near Gyaspur village. Near the slum, there was a huge garbage dump wherein, these slum dwellers collect garbage through the Municipality from the different places in the city and dump it there. There are around 200 dwellers of this slum area.


1. Observations made by the group: Living conditions of the slum dwellers- Shelter, food, water, sanitation, and hygiene (women and children), Facilities and utilities, Health conditions,Education

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Observations by kids:

 A small slope at the entrance path of the slum by Mann. Multiple use of thrown away things from the garbage dump, by the slum dwellers by Meena, Vishal, Rinku. Space management in their shelters; Small earnings through waste cans by Mann; creative minded slum children like Deepak by Rinku and Mann. Smile on the face of women in unhygeinic conditions by Rinku.


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Observations by me:

Structure of the walls, smell due to drain, ceilings, different materials of different side walls.

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Motive for starting any work or setting up of organisations and workshops- sequential questioning of why, what, how? “Culture creates curiosity”, the sequence- i. Culture, ii. technology, iii. institution.(= sustainable outcome). Reviewing of the places visited in the mind searching for observations and analysis from different perspective, with the learning from each session. 

Each one added a dimension to the overall observation and identification with the help of different techniques. (memory, photos, coversations, notes). Social Responsibility in product design ( good for people, environment, animals, and society as a whole). Understanding that different living conditions are only relative with respect to different communities. Observations from other groups based on the information delivered. Getting a clear picture of what we want to find out with the help of brainmap. Creativity- removing biases in different people living in different areas. Ethical concerns- trust, respect, safety, intent. Observe, Engage and Try- to get more information and understand hidden feelings. More ideas from different people in the group. Use of skills which are already there for different purposes, in a way totally different from how people doing it (creates curiosity and hence helps convince). Connect the market- support, appreciate, notify, give, acknowledge, make known.

 Problems i could work on would probably be, 1. Planning (based on the 5 human senses)- a. Efficient Shelter design with the materials available, b. space of the dwelling area c. cooking and washing utensils area with electricity generation. 2. Street Vendors initial daily setup.





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