Jun 22, 2014

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Observations on the field..

A sunday morning and our destination was not workshop today, courtesy the fact that the workshop is closed on sunday. So our destination for the day was ACPC ofiice. There we had a discussion on the topic “prior art search” with other team members. Our coordinator Adhish explained us about patents, copyrights etc.

After this we were asked to present the detailed experience of our field trips on a chart paper under four headings viz. observations, challenges, problems and solutions. Adhish and Kaushik guided us on how to use the process of design thinking in the job given to us. With a rough idea of what we had in our mind we reminded our trips and began to write what we had noticed.














  • The rope and fly wheel method used to start bullet santi, required a lot of force. First the rope was pulled then it was observed that it pushes the user towards itself thus giving a small jerk. At least after doing this for 10-15 times bullet started. Also, if immediate acceleration was not given, engine stopped. A cloth was used to avoid injuries to the palm as the rope was very rough and needed to be pulled with force.
  • Handling the bullet santi on an agricultural land was too difficult. Turning the handle required a lot of strength and was extremely risky also, on every turn it seemed as if the bullet would topple, luckily it din’t. It never went straight. The plough got stuck frequently in the soil thus imbalancing the vehicle. However, on a smooth surface, it worked like a normal bike.
  • I observed that there were a lot of vibrations. While I was driving I could feel my whole body shaking even on a non-agricultural land. It also produced a lot of noise.
  • The position of gear was not comfortable. Also there was very little difference in the gear position of forward, reverse and neutral thus confusing a driver.
  • There were 2 brakes provided at the right foot. One for the left rear tyre and another for right rear tyre. There was provision of fixing a metal plate on both so as to apply both simultaneously as and when required.
  • The height of the driver seat was high as compared to normal bikes. Thus the position of handle was high, making it unsafe for the driver as he can not place his legs on the ground in an emergency situation.
  • It did not have any provision of protecting the driver from sun and rains.
  • The plough was too heavy, so adjusting the plough height while driving was an issue. Hydraulic system was used in some models. It increased the cost and the engine power but reduced efforts to a lot extent.
  • I observed that most farmers are satisfied with what they are using. They don’t expect much. Also the fabricators are happy with their product and don’t think much to improvise it.




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