Jun 9, 2015

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Problems Identified from Primary Field Work

The problems faced by the people living in the slum areas are not at all easy. They work for atleast 12 hours per day and still get very little wages. The children of Summer School felt the empathy when they stepped in the shoes of the workers and labourers and intimated with them about their daily pain. Though they have to struggle every day for a living, their smiles never fade.

As someone has truly said “Smile as much as you can before all of your teeth fall apart”. These people truly apply this slogan in their day-to-day  life and lives without the fear of tomorrow.



Case Study Presentations:

Problems at the field: Makarba and Fatewadi

Problems at the field: Vendor’s Place

Problems at the field: Broom Making Community
Problems at the field: Flower Market

Problems at the field: Gyaspur Area

Problems at the field: Hollywood Slum and Vendor’s Community

Problems at Field: Slum Area

Problems at Field: Child Labour


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