Jun 18, 2014

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Overhauling of Bullet Santi

Today 18June2014 , our team started the overhauling of Bullet santi . We brought the vehicle to workshop of L.J.Polytechnic where suitable tools and equipments were available which were required for overhauling.The first and primary problem which we found that braking system in vehicle was not working , whole braking system was corroded so the initial step was to service the braking system.After putting the vehicle on jack team members started to remove the beake assembly,at last we came to conclusion that braking system is totally furnished,brake shoes,liners,springs and drum has to be replaced because it hasbeen correded and not possible to repair. After overhauling brake assembly of front wheels now also brake assembly of rear wheels are to be removed but as it is corroded it has to be put under the resistance of lubricant for some time and then to be removed.Secondly we drained the engine oil and checked its viscocity………………

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