Broom making device: Design & Insights from discussion

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Design Model: Insights from Discussion with Mr. Sachin Panchal 1. Accepted the current prototype. 2. Suggested an alternative with a conveyer belt with fixed nails for the tearing action. 3. A cover on the conveyer for prevention of wounds. 4. Cycle mechanism can be used. 5. A foldable case in which broom is kept and closed. 6. Shutting the case will cause impact on the broom. 7. Subsequent pedaling will tear the leaves into finer...

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Insights on Improvisation of Designs by Mr. Sachin Panchal

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Discussion with Sachin Sir : GROUP 1: A manual alternative has come up after the discussion with Mr. Panchal A 3 plate device (25cm*25cm) which will include a nail-bed (with nail height of 4 mm, an iron net which will allow not to stick the seed in the nails), and a heavy punch Improvisation in the design of Sachin sir Instead of the heavy plate we can insert a lock in the base plate which will tighten the spike-plate. GROUP 2 and 3 : Cost effectiveness is major concern for our design hence the discussion was based majorly about material...

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Broom Making device: Decision tree

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Decision Tree: Broom Making

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Seed Dribbler : Decision tree and Model

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Decision Tree : Seed Dribbler Seed Dribbler Model:                   The mechanism and working that we found different from the past models were: 1) People told that they had an issue in using it because the height remains constant for the model but we introduced the pipe such that the height can be variable(Telescopic Pipe). 2) Then we had new umbrella mechanism at the bottom of the machine such that when the trigger is pressed only the umbrella will open and thus seeds can be only drawn when...

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