Jun 25, 2014

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Proposed modifications on Santi

Mr Jainil Bhatt,MD,I-Cube joined us at workshop and analyzed the whole model and thus proposed some modifications that could eliminate existing problems in Santi viz. Handling, Excessive Vibrations, Balancing, Axial breakage.


– Two wheels at small gap or a wider wheel can be used instead for better handling and wedge plates could have been used      for    protecting the crops from damage.

– Chassis should be made of either box channel or C- channel as they are most durable.


–  Automobile engines can be used instead of stationary engines in Santi because vibrations caused by them cannot be               damped to larger extent.

–  Refilling the absorbers for better functioning.


– Hollow axle should be used instead of solid one.

– Regular maintenance is also the solution for avoiding failure of axial.

Apart from these modifications, there is a great need for CAD analysis of Bullet for analysing the weight distribution and effects of load on the axle as without analysis it would be very difficult to eliminate the shortcomings of  Bullet Santi.


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