Jun 28, 2014

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Proposed solution: Vibrations

There may be three ways to solve vibrations of santi.


1. To use automobile engine instead of stationary of same specification.

An automobile engine is of less weight &  dynamically stable as to reduce vibrations due to engine.


2. Use rear suspension.

By using rear suspension vibrations & shocks due to ground irregularities could be corrected  as so to provide driver a bit more of                             comfort.

3. Attach rubber  bushings below engine

Vibrations due to engine could be easily reduced by putting rubber pads below engine to damp engine vibrations & stop them to                                transfer vibrations to chassis.



  1. Bibhash giri says:

    A single cylinder vertical engine is main reason of vibration. I think. A horizontal engine may minimize vibration. To an extent.


    • Suyash Pandya says:

      Horizontal 10 hp Diesel are not easily available.
      Moreover finding spare parts for uncommon horizontalengine in lockal village is also tough task.

      Thanking you

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