May 31, 2016

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Seed dribbler: Design Model & Insights from discussion

Seed Dribbler Model:

seed dribbler model

seed dribbler model










The mechanism and working that we found different from the past models were:

1) People told that they had an issue in using it because the height remains constant for the model but we introduced the pipe such that the height      can be variable(Telescopic Pipe).

2) Then we had new umbrella mechanism at the bottom of the machine such that when the trigger is pressed only the umbrella will open and thus seeds can be only drawn when needed.

3) Then we made a model which is discontinuous and continuous it has detachable wheel and discontinuous model too.

4) For multi cropping what we thought was we made the wheel(sowing coupling) which lifts the seed can be made
detachable so that can be changed according to the seed type.

5) For light weight we are making use of PVC pipe for model making.

Insights from discussion with Sachin Panchal

 He liked the bracket system which we introduced in the extractor wheel.

 We also shared the ratchet mechanism with him.

 Also we told him about the adjustable height of the dribbler which was missing in previous prototypes.

 We shared the idea of using the dribbler in continuous and discontinuous way.

 Overall he liked the changes made in the previous prototype


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