Jun 17, 2014

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Silence before the storms….

Day 10: Jun 17

The last day’s travel and exertion had drained strength from our bodies, so everyone woke up late this day. As usual everyone reached our workplace @ SRISTI and started their work. This day was assigned to finish all the pending works. So as soon as I finished my work, Aaqib joined me and we started discussion about last day’s trip and also he illustrated to me some of the better options for improving our model of Santi. We had a nice session wherein we discussed about various vehicles and their specialities. Finally we submitted a report to Chetan sir about the major problems and our proposed solutions to them. After this, Adhish assigned me another movie to prepare for the Amreli’s trip,,, so I quickly started editing the videos. We left the office earlier as compared to other days and as we had time so we decided to visit a mall and had a nice dinner and a photo session there.  The coming day is again going to be hectic, as we have to do market analysis of all the products required for improving our model.

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