Jun 24, 2014

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Slum, Scrap And Engineering…

Day 17: Jun 24

“Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it ’cause nobody else will. “ Actually this came to my mind because even if the whole day was not a great success but still we could learn many awesome things which will help for our lifetime. Early in the morning I was asked to visit Ramesh sir for some important work, so I went there. Due to some delay we got late for workshop and as soon as we reached Pranjal, Yash and Suyash accompanied us and we all left for market where due to some misunderstanding, the plan of new handing mechanism had to be dropped and quickly we decided to look forward for a second hand steering arrangement. We inquired from a local dealer for scrap dealer of auto parts. He told that our destination was almost 15 km from there situated @ Dani Limbda. So, we picked our vehicles and started the journey, on the way we realised the actual reality of Ahmedabad’s cleanliness. There were mountains of scrap all over the strata. All that our vision could see was polythene’s and scrap material. It suddenly changed our view about Ahmedabad city. Soon, we reached our destination with all these in our minds and here also the scene was not very pleasing. Every here and there were big godowns of scrap dealers of various items. It took some time for us in locating our dealer and the burning sun really made the time miserable, but the curiosity of finding a way out of the chaos made us withstand the situation. After some searching, finally the dealer brought two big parts of our Atul Shakti’s handle. It didn’t appeared in a nice condition but still was sufficient for testing on our bullet. We negotiated for the price with the dealer but didn’t really impressed him much. As it was getting late, we decided to postpone the purchase to next morning and then we left for ACPC lab, had a small discussion with Adhish and then I sat for some research on the types of tyres and effect of treads on tyre.


I also met one of familiar persons from the time back to GYTI Awards, Jainil Bhatt, although he didn’t recognised me very well but he seemed really interested in our project. Firstly he understood all the aspects, problems and requirements of Santi, then he started proposing the modifications we could introduce in our Bullet like two piece propeller shaft, leaf springs and also Mcpherson strut suspension system. He also asked to prepare a 3D design for all the components to get a better understanding of all the components. He also agreed to my invitation to come and see our model of Bullet Santi tomorrow. I think his guidance will be of huge importance in our project. The day didn’t ended with this, as we reached IIM campus for dinner, sound of party music could reach our ears and we remembered that today was the Fresher’s party at IIMers. We joined the dance and really had a nice rejoicing session which relieved all the day’s stress.

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