Jun 22, 2014

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Solutions of the Problems….


The common challenges irrespective of age group, health and strength of the user were classified as problems. according to me the major problems were:

  • Tough handling is the major problem. Strength required to turn the handle is very high.
  • A lot of vibrations are felt.
  • The plough gets struck in the lumps of soil. Thus, giving jerks and increasing the chances of plough damage.
  • Manual adjustment of proper depth according to season, crop and use is difficult.
  • The vehicle makes a lot of noise.



On the basis of the major problems listed, i suggested the following possible solutions:

  • Draft Control Mechanism: automatic lifting of plough, on colliding with some lump of soil or stone will prevent the plough from getting stuck in the field.
  • Depth control: By putting proper weight on plough in vehicles with hydraulic system the appropriate depth can be maintained.
  • Steering wheel can reduce the strength required in handling as compared to handle which is presently used.
  • Bullet santi can me dematerialised to reduce weight and cost. Instead of using iron rods, rods made of some lighter alloy material can be used.
  • Silencer can be added to reduce noise.
  • Catalytic convertor can be incorporated to reduce the emission of smoke from the vehicle.
  • Shed can be provided to protect driver from sun and rains.
  • Rubber bearings can be used to reduce vibrations. Bushings can also reduce noise to some extent.
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