Jun 24, 2014

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Starting work on steering system

Today we visited scrap market of Danilimda to look for a feasible steering system.
We examined the system and decided to use recirculating ball screw mechanism.
We also purchased one of its model previously used in Mahindra Champion.


The recirculating-ball steering gear contains a worm gear. You can image the gear in two parts.

The first part is a block of metal with a threaded hole in it. This block has gear teeth cut into the outside of it, which engage a gear that moves the pitman arm .

The steering wheel connects to a threaded rod, similar to a bolt, that sticks into the hole in the block. When the steering wheel turns, it turns the bolt. Instead of twisting further into the block the way a regular bolt would, this bolt is held fixed so that when it spins, it moves the block, hich moves the gear that turns the wheels.


steering-ball-gear                         14519679935_2e0357a0b2_o

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