Jun 8, 2016

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Suggestions from Prof. Dinesh Korjan


  • Hitting the pressure points of the seeds
  • Trying vibrations to break open the seed’s shell
  • Using of same principle for making different design
  • Hammering the seeds after segregating


GROUP 2 and 3:



  • Use locally available materials to make.
  • Don’t limit the Imagination W.R.T materials available.
  • Make and try many prototypes and find the (or few) best ones.



  • Make the handle comfortable to use (Smaller diameter).
  • Use a collector in between or near the plucker (which can be unloaded in intervals) so as to
  • Reduce the extra weight (therefore effort) which comes in continues collection.
  • Find the best way of plucking (Shaking, Cutting, using hooks etc.) and improve using that.
  • Find best way of collecting (Pipe, Bag, opened pipe etc.) and use that.



  • Try using cyclone mechanism in separating thorns from fruit (cone shape spinner).



  • To make a small device rather than making a machine
  • Modification in the spacing and shape of the nails to study the change in the efficiency



  • Using a rachet system.
  • Reducing the complexity of the machine.
  • Use of PVC pipe instead of bamboo.
  • Avoid using of wheels.
  • Reducing the angle between the land and dribbler from 30°
  • Threading for joining the clamps
  • Use plastic coupling
  • Improvement of already prevailing seed dribbler



  • Try trolley system
  • A device that can work in different terrains but works on same principle



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