Jun 6, 2016

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Suggestions from Tapan Parikh


  • Advised to build a device that is easy to connect with the larger masses.
  • Opting for a mechanism similar to hammering.
  • To make a single nut cracker machine : so that women can continue sitting together and enjoy their leisure time as traditionally practiced
  • To make it cost & time efficient

GROUP 2 & 3

  • Use of sharp cutter
  • Grooves within the pipe to be made larger
  • Reduce the grooves/cutters of the pipe to one
  • Re-used PVC pipe can be utilised
  • Develop a proper manual of how to use the device: use of pamphlets with pictorial instructions.
  • Use of rod rather than a pipe, to reduce the weight of the device and add a container (plastic bag) at the end of the rod.


  • Spacing of the nails can be reduced
  • Avoid making the machine bulky
  • Aiming for low maintenance machine
  • Easy servicing and repairing

Group 5

  • To remove the unnecessary parts that are increasing the weight and cost of the machine
  • Light weight and portable
  • The clamps and wheels can be avoided
  • Use of PVC pipe
  • Reduction in the width between two wheels to avoid the damage to the crops that are planted close by.
  • Can be attached at the back of the bullock cart and the user can sit and dribble
  • Try not to incorporate all features but to choose only those of prime importance

Group 6

  • Cover the pointed nails that can be dangerous
  • Possibility of neck injury
  • Lighter and smaller planks
  • Fibre glass can also be used in the prototype
  • Try some incremental changes rather than changing the whole device
  • Try keeping the major load on head .




  1. Srinivas BOLLAM says:

    For Group 2&3:
    Using the whole cylinderical pipe will make physical strain and also, it is difficult to handle for longer duration.please see the below video link you may get some idea

    For group 6
    what about the adjustment according ?because height of head, shoulder length and width are not same for every one.
    when the load of the head transferred between the shoulder (&back) with balance(while walking up/down stairs) then it’s perfect design.
    please see the below link you get some idea
    head part is not perfect but shoulder part is easily connected with the head.
    All the best

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