Jun 16, 2014

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The final destination…

Day 9: Jun 16

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work. With all such dreams in mind we set off for a new journey to the nearby biggest hub of Bullet Santi @ Amrelli. It was a strange day as the departure journey was planned at 4 am in the morning but as always due to some misunderstandings and some efforts by our coordinator Adhish, the journey was delayed by almost an hour. We had some tea in the way and soon we realised that we were approaching close to Amrelli, everywhere on the road were modified Bullet bikes used for mass transportation and there we were at our destination. As we stepped down our vehicle, was a big workshop of mini tractor manufacturer RonakBhai. He was a successful businessman of mini tractors. He displayed all the engines that were used by him and all other systems used. After drafting all the data we could have, we decided to divide into teams to find out the responses of various farmers in the region.

The sun overhead seemed to be growing bigger and warmer as the journey continued. But the relief was provided to us by the delicious feast at the house of our Gujarati RonakBhai. He were moved by his hospitality and generosity and had a great lunch. Then again we set off to meet another manufacturer, he was a manufacturer of 3 wheeler Sanedo. After learning his systems and a lot of discussions we finally began our return journey. The whole day was tiring but still we enjoyed a lot in that indigenous mechanical world.

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