Jun 13, 2014

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The Judgement Day ….

Day 5: June 13

The most awaited day had arrived,, it was the first field trip day. It was our most heard phrase ever since we arrived to Ahmedabad. All of us had great expectations for the day which were really fulfilled during the course of day. The day didn’t start as expected due to alarm problem. So,we woke up late and quickly prepared for the field trip. We had to reach SRISTI but we got late and then heard nice lecture by Chetan sir and Adhish. The issue was settled soon and we left for Grambharti, Amrapur a place situated nearly 50 km from Ahmedabad. There we met Mr Vipin Gupta, CIO, NIF. He mentioned some common complaints of Bullet Santi.DSC07589

Then there was the next step of test driving the vehicle. The vehicle appeared massive,, it was a 2004 model Bullet Santi with a considerable weight and a powerful bullet engine. Mahesh bhai, a local farmer showed us the way to start  the bike and also mentioned some of his problems that he face during use of vehicle.I also drove the bike, it was a memorably horrifying experience with Bullet. The handle of bike seemed to be of tons. It was really hard to steer the vehicle and also some engine oil was spilling of the engine oil box. The glowing sun made the day even worse but we completed our job


These were some new issues that we faced from the model. After the testing, we all sat beneath a Banyan tree and discussed some probable solutions and framed them. Then we all travelled back to Ahmedabad, singing songs and relieving tiredness. Back to Ahmedabad, we felt more relieved and relaxed. We had our food @ McDonalds, and left office for some Ahmedabad darshan. After a long discussion we finally decided to visit Sabarmati River Front. It was pleasant and beautiful there sitting besides the mighty river. The day overall was simply exhausting with so much things to do as always,  but we were contempt after visually seeing the operation of bullet Santi. The day was full of fun, hardwork and brains all put together at once.

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