Jun 14, 2014

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Thinking of solutions : gear mechanism

  • Using Bevel gear

To use four bevel gears. Out of which 3 are work and one remains idle. Of the three working gears, each gear is connected to the other two orthogonally. Thus when the handle turns, gear connected to it moves, moving all three gears with it. Hence Santi bends.

This idea has an anomaly.

It does not reduce the force required to bend Santi. As all gears must have equal number of teeth to make a perfect square. Keeping the gears similar will not solve the problem. Hence this solution was ruled out.

  • Three gear mechanism

In this mechanism three gears are used. Handle is replaced by a steering wheel, which is connected to a gear. Two other gears are placed after it, from which third gear is connected to the wheel. This arrangement reduces the effort with a feasible arrangement.

After debating over the possible solution, the team identified the three gear mechanism as a possible solution to eradicate the crucial problem of heavy handling.

Another program of visiting the farmers and fabricators is planned to clear queries of interns. For which a questionnaire is prepared.



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