Jun 12, 2014

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Thinking with designing.. !!

Day 3, June 12 ‘14

Here comes another day and as expected we had a lot to read and work upon. However, the feel inside us about the summer school had changed in the past few days. Initially, everything seemed a little boring and out of context. But now we had started understanding what actually was the goal of summer school. Thorough reading of articles, watching videos about bullet santi was finally proving helpful.

The new thing about the day was the workshop of design thinking. I was excited for it. I along with my collegues reached ACPC. Adhish and his friend Kaushik guided us about the basics of what actually design thinking is.as

We were given wrist watch as our topic of evaluation. Team members were grouped in teams of 4. We were asked to do market analysis and customer response survey. Everybody headed fast into the streets of Ahmedabad. It was fun interacting with gujrati people. We asked whatever came to our minds about how we could provide a customer an ideal watch. All teams came back. Mr. Yash evaluated every teams’ performance. We were directed towards the direction of using wrist watch analysis in the topic of our project “bullet santi “.

Finally, the meeting ended. We went to IIM to have our dinner. We reached our room late night. Completed this blog writing assignment and then slipped to bed.


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