Jun 8, 2014

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Travel, Food n Fun….

DAY 1 : June,8

The day started as expected with the noise of brakes of the Volvo bus reaching my ears. This marked the beginning of a new day at a new place, Ahmedabad. After quickly packing up my stuff, I approached to the auto rickshaw and reached to my first destination,,, the office of SRISTI. As I was new to the place, I couldn’t imagine that that the place I was approaching didn’t had an entrance from there,,so had to creep over the fencing. This experience the beginning of the day really unexpected. With ear plugs I approached to office where I found Naginbhai surfing net and some were sleeping yet. One of them was none other than Chetan sir, who informed me that he’s going to take a brief lecture on Bullet Santi.

Kids fun
So, I quickly unpacked, had breakfast with Mukesh sir and Chetan sir and freshened up for the day ahead,,, soon all the other interns arrived to the office. Outside were some students of Chetan sir with their beautiful paintings. Following them was our coordinator Adhish with whom I had been contacting for a long time. The seminar started and Chetan sir displayed all the data that he had been collecting from the last 3 years. The presentation was really interesting and opened our doors of thoughts.

After the presentation and lunch, as usual Adhish filled up with jobs,,,we were asked to do market analysis of all the awardees of GYTI. The job was a bit boring and all were restless due to hot climate. The day passed and then we all left for IIM, where we met HIranmay sir and talked to him about the proceedings of the day and then we left for the hostel and retired to beds.
The day really appeared long with so much work and discussions and the rising temperature amplified our frustations but after a long time we developed some perspective of the world of innovation .

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