Jun 10, 2014

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About Summer School’14

Summer school’14 is organized by SRISTI(Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions) and NIF(National Innovation Foundation). Bullet-Santi is a farming machine made by a small farmer Mansukh bhai Jagani. He used to work in diamond factory, lately he learned welding and started working as a mechanic. He converted a petrol engine of bullet bike into diesel running engine and replace rear wheel by an attachment consisting various farming tools. Slowly with time more modifications were made and now there are aprrox. 9- 10 main variations in all models and 200 manufacturers with a huge market of 10000 customers. Therefore even a small modification can serve a lot. Some of them left farming and started production of bullet-santi and selling 60-70 machines every year. They are experts in this field. Now talking about what we gonna do, in this summer school, our main motive is to Study the ‘Bullet-Santi’ and try to optimize it. To complete this process there are some students came from different colleges. I was scared when Hiranmay sir told me that you are in the bullet-santi team of summer school, because i am from non-mechanical background so how could i work with those things? Then i met some more people i was surprised that there are 6 more people from a non-mechanical background and 4 of them were girls. But then we studied parts used in bullet santi and now we are confident about these things. Professors of local colleges and experts in this field are also mentoring us. With all this i am hoping for a successful result coming  at the end. Whatever the result will be, during this summer school we all are gonna return with more knowledge and experience.

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