Jun 13, 2014

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Visit to Grambharti…first look of Bullet Santi…

DAY 4, June 13th

Today after so many days after working on Bullet santi, we finally got the opportunity to visit “Grambharti” to have a practical experience by driving it.  I was very excited about this trip because today finally I was going to see the vehicle about which I had been studying since the last one week.

We went to the NIF office first and interacted with Mr. Vipin Kumar CIO, NIF . After a short discussion with him about about Bullet santi, we met Mukeshbahi, who with his practical experience taught us how to handle santi.

To start the engine there were two options viz, kick-start and by pulling a rope in a rolling mechanism.  We found that the pulling mechanism was comparatively easier than kick-start option.

We all were very keen on driving the vehicle to experience the problems a beginner would face while driving it. Although it seemed easy to be driven, but it was not at all a child’s play.

Aman was the first one to drive it. Seeing him drive the vehicle, everyone got scared that he might hit the woods kept there because its handling was very tough. And moreover the brakes were not working properly. But, everything went good.

After the field experience, we sat under a banyan tree and discussed about the major problems and their feasible solutions.

It was a new and exciting experience for me and I enjoyed a lot over there.


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