Jun 26, 2014

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Welding @ Workshop

DAY 19: Jun 26

There’s no fun in work without fun. Although the whole day hasn’t proved to be much fruitful in terms of work but it proved to be a great blast in the second half of day. At the workshop, we couldn’t really fix the whole steering mechanism on the bike but still we did a considerable job.

The first half of day was spent cutting the unwanted portion from the chassis of bike. The welding machine was not appropriate for the work assigned , so it overheated and hence as a result of rise in temperature it had to be shut down . A lot of time wasted due to the machine. Finally when its temperature reduced, cutting could be commenced again. After the job was completed, Saurabh helped me in filing the region cut by welding gun for preparing it for fixing the new steering wheel on the bike.

HOD of the automobile department of LJ college stopped by while we’re all busy fixing components and he asked us to first calculate all lengths and arrange suitable materials required for further processes. He also added to prepare a rough diagram of our handling mechanism so as to avoid a situation of confusion. So, we decided to first fix the steering according to driver’s comfortability.

By the time we left, steering had been mounted firmly on santi. Further, we discussed with the other faculty of LJ about the suspension system which seemed too heavy. They also proposed to make a gearbox for reducing effort in driving the vehicle. We also devised a mechanism for making the driving easy by using a clutch-brake assembly on same side of bike such that application of brake automatically presses brake but vice versa is not possible, in other words, application of clutch doesn’t lead to brakes.

After a brief session with their faculty, we arrived ACPC where a great evening was awaiting us. We all enjoyed a lot with Adhish. The work progress report for the whole day wasn’t much great but we had fixed the problem of steering to a little respect.

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