Jun 10, 2014

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work is important!!

Day 1 june 10th
After a late night discussion on 9th of june,we woke up late in the morning with the sun on our head.It was a burning day and I did all my works by sitting at my room itself.Some pdfs were given to me about bullet santi along with some case studies so as to clarify each and every point about our project.Some topics were unknown to me so I took help my colleagues to get rid off them.They made me understand the working of some parts of an automobile and without any hesitation cleared my silly doubts too.It was already 1 pm till that and then I was reminded about an orientation session which was to be taken by prof. anil k gupta.
We headed towards iim a at 2 pm and it was like a dream come true.One of the best college for management was there in front of me.That time my mind were full of inspiration and thereby we stepped towards the conference hall in wing 11.
We met prof. gupta and there was a session of short introduction initially. After that he started enlightening us with the ideas of innovation and took us to the new world were people not only invent but also innovate. How grassroot developers can prove themselves in front of highly civilised innovators. And in this way the orientation ended and we were filled with a lot of energy to prove ourselves.
After that mr. hiranmay mahanta made us to sit in Louis con plaza(the ground in front of vikram sarabhai library). He delivered ideas about patenting files n etc. In this way the day the hectic day ended with addition of lots of knowledge to the mind and we retired to the bed for next day.

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